Lizi offers training sessions to nursing, care and residential homes, including a take-home training pack and certificate of attendance in the following areas –

Communication Skills
The communication cycle and its breakdown is covered in depth, giving attendees at the training sessions an in-depth understanding of why communication breaks down and how they can assist in its repair.  The techniques include using cues and various forms of prompting and alternative communication to ensure their residents have the best possible opportunities to understand and express their needs.

Swallowing Safety
The swallow phases and their breakdown is highlighted with a predominant focus on practical anatomy to give attendees an understanding of how swallowing can be impaired and therefore be unsafe. Practical techniques, strategies and the use of modified diets and liquids is described with the option of sampling these safer textures in order to highlight the experience residents will be having at mealtimes.

Friends family and carers
Lizi also provides communication strategies for friends, family and carers to ensure there is clear, appropriate and effective communication between them and the client.

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