Lizi McGarveyLizi McGarvey is a Highly Specialised Speech and Language Therapist with 25 years experience of working in the fields of both neurology and psychiatry.

She is a specialist in Dynamic Lee Silverman Voice Therapy (LSVT) for adults and Articulation Therapy for Children.  She is also bilingual, speaking English and Italian.

BSc in Speech and Language Pathology and Therapeutics (1991)
MSC Modules in Acquired Adult Neurological Communication Disorders (1994-1996)

Lizi currently provides training to the NHS and within the private sector to a range of professionals on safe swallowing and how to communicate effectively with clients with communication problems. She is also a qualified clinical supervisor to practitioners.

Previously Lizi has:

  • Co-written a chapter on “Speech, Language and Communication” within the field of Elderly Mentally Ill, with user friendly strategies to be used with this population.
  • Co-written the “Communication Toolkit” (Brain and Spine Foundation) for clients with dementia and those that care for them in order to facilitate conversations.
  • Set up sensory and reminiscence rooms to aid client’s memories and promote communication

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